Mixing & Mastering – 9-24 (channels/tracks)



Turnaround: 5-7 days

To prepare your song for our services we have crafted a simple checklist for you to follow. This helps us get the track to you faster.

  • Disable all processing on master bus
  • Provide all channels in separate audio files
    • All files should be either .wav or .aif
    • Leave some headroom
    • All files should be named correctly (artist – song – channel)
  • Include your own rough demo mix of the song (if possible).
  • Include other songs as references (if you like).
  • Everything should sound exactly the same when played from the original project and when played with separate files.
  • Effect sends such as reverbs and delays should be exported as a separate channel.
  • No blank channels, out of sync audio, processing on stereo out etc…)

Once all of these steps are completed, compress the folder into a .zip archive. The zip archive should have the whole project in separate audio files inside it, alongside a rough demo mix and other reference tracks.

Upload the zip file to wetransfer.com and we will receive it automatically or email it to info@onanisland.io alongside an order number we provide upon final confirmation.


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